Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms

This night feels heavy with destiny, the potential of a hundred futures crackling just out of reach. I do not claim to know that which the gods plan for us, but I know this – we stand upon the cusp of something that will change the face of the realms forever more.

– Aliadrenne Verentrai, Silken Seer of the Eldritch Council

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Explore the realms

Azyr - The Realm of Heavens

The Realm of Heavens glitters like a swirl of celestial jewels, its palaces and spires glowing from within. Here, mighty Sigmar reigns supreme.

Aqshy - The Realm of Fire

Lands of passions untold and volatile landscapes. In this realm, aggression is born and carried afar upon hot, gusting winds.

Ghyran - The Realm of Life

From barren to abundant, this realm is forever flowing in cycle. Yet when in bloom, there are no lands more verdant or bountiful.

Hysh - The Realm of Light

Once the domain of reason and symmetry, here there is still purity. The very lands themselves are rife with symbolism and hidden meaning.

Ghur - The Realm of Beasts

A primeval realm of untamed savagery, all of its lands have one thing in common: only the strongest can hope to survive there.

Chamon - The Realm of Metal

Dawn breaks golden over the hard and unyielding lands of this realm. Strange transmutations abound amongst its vast mountain ranges.

Ulgu - The Realm of Shadows

Thirteen regions, each a realm of secrets and riddles whispered upon the breeze. All the shrouded countries are saturated with illusion and lurking menace.

Chaos - The Realm of the Dark Gods

Roiling, inconceivable, this realm encompasses nightmarish landscapes beyond counting. Those who trespass upon such domains are devoured, grotesquely transformed, or damned for all eternity.

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