Dread Solstice

A plague of dark omens has the mortal realms in its grip. The hour of the damned is close. As the Time of Tribulations unfolds, the armies of the living find themselves united against a common foe - the slowly rising tide of undeath.

The Dread Solstice Campaign has come to an end, and the consequences of your choices are being written into the history of the Mortal Realms forever. To read through the full campaign results, click the button below, and be sure to keep coming back each week to read two new free short stories set in the time of Malign Portents.

Campaign Summary

As a plague of evil omens spread across the Mortal Realms, the rulers of the lands destroyed their naysayers and slew those who spoke of dooms to come. The unquiet shades loosed by these fell acts took their secrets to the great beyond by the thousand – and so summoned Lunaghast, Moon of Dark Secrets, from its erratic orbit through Shyish. Some whispered Lunaghast was the ghost of an ancient warpstone planetoid come to feast upon mortal sins, others that it was the fabled Bad Moon of the Greenskins, whilst still more shouted their secrets to the skies in the hope of learning hidden knowledge in return.

Nagash was pleased to see so many prophets slain, and his Great Work continued apace, but still, he needed more time. He awoke the Red Mist – a spiritual curse distilled from his most violent underworlds – and sent it through the Abyssal Fires to wreak havoc in Aqshy. This, in turn, brought the mighty lord Korghos Khul to war; his sphere-like fortress, the Orb Infernia, hovered low over the Great Parch. Only by working together did the races of that land construct a super-weapon to turn upon the orb – a chronomantic cannon that blasted the Orb Infernia back to a previous state of its existence, when it was still riven by war.

That grand act of chronomancy sent ripples through time that Nagash was swift to harness. Shyish is the End of All Things, including time itself, and by using a portion of the realmstone he had painstakingly amassed, Nagash coalesced that truth into a vast time-eating sphere known as the Black Void. Those armies that had counter-attacked Shyish in the hope of sacking Nagashizzar found themselves literally losing time as seconds, then minutes, then hours were stolen from them to further the building of the Great Black Pyramid. When Nagash sprung his trap – and a significant part of their hosts was pitched into the underworld known as the Great Oubliette – all seemed lost. But the Great Necromancer had underestimated the resolve of the mortal races. They fought so hard within that endless jail that they not only escaped that nightmarish underworld, but freed the souls of many incarcerated heroes in the process, from the Age of Chaos, the Age of Myth, and even the times before that.

Against the backdrop of this great victory, Nagash’s grand cosmological ritual nears completion – perhaps all he needed to complete it was a little more time...